Quantum Controls

Pilot Plus control

Integral control system, advanced features

The Pilot Plus Control system is standard on the Quantum 1420 and Quantum® 1650, and is an upgradable option on the Quantum® 600 and 610 series. Features such as 4 actuators providing more powered options on your product, and less heat transfer through the wiring, enabling the Pilot Plus to be a safe and simple powered controller.

Available Colours

Comes a standard in Black


If your mobility product contains a Pilot Plus PG Drives Technology TruCharge battery gauge, the following link will be a valuable working tool. The link below will enable Dealers and you to identify the area in which the control system has detected a trip, and in some cases even make repairs.

Pilot Plus Flash Codes

Pilot Plus Control Specifications

Product, which features this controller:   Quantum 610 paediatric
Quantum 600 paediatric
Quantum 610
Quantum 600
Quantum 600 XL Heavy Duty
Quantum 1420
Quantum 1650
Power Actuators: 4

NOTE: All specifications subject to change without notice.

The information contained herein is correct at the time of publication; due to the manufacturer’s commitment to constant improvement and development, they reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.


Pilot Plus basic
operating instructions
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