Edge 3 Stretto

MDR Class I (2017/745/EU) Medical Device

A narrow width for outstanding manoeuvrability

Power chairs are known for their extended range and often sacrifice manoeuvrability due to their excessive width, making them challenging to navigate in tight spaces at home or on the go.

The Quantum Edge 3 Stretto power chair overcomes these challenges. It is one of the narrowest and most manoeuvrable power chairs currently available, with a maximum overall width of just 520mm (20.5 inches) while retaining the comfort and features of a full-size chair. Alongside its narrow build, the Quantum Edge 3 Stretto power chair boasts a mid-wheel drive design with castors in each corner, enabling it to turn effortlessly within its own space. This makes the Stretto the ideal wheelchair for children, teenagers, and smaller adults, complementing the standard Quantum Edge 3 power chair, offering similar features in a more compact size. It is available with either 2 x 62Ah or 2 x 40Ah batteries, depending on the inclusion of power positioning.

A versatile model

Equipped with an independent Smooth Ride Suspension (SRS) system featuring a coil-over design, it optimises shock absorption by adjusting the angle of the shocks. This setup ensures a smooth ride with soft, comfortable springs while maintaining stability and drivability. The coil-over arrangement neatly integrates the shock absorber and spring for enhanced control.

With a maximum ground clearance of 73.6mm (2.9 inches) and the ability to overcome obstacles up to 89mm (3.5 inches) high, the Quantum Stretto power chair is well-suited for navigating various everyday environments. It operates at a top speed of 4mph, offering mobility in diverse situations. Additionally, opting for the optional 62Ah batteries increases the maximum speed to 6mph, extending the Quantum Stretto power chair's range even further.

The Quantum Edge 3 Stretto power chair offers superb manoeuvrability indoors and is fully capable outdoors as well.

Customisable features

Quantum Rehab Edge 3 Stretto mobility chair offers a range of customisable features, including our iLevel system. This innovative technology allows for seamless adjustment of seat height while the chair moves at a walking pace, providing flexibility in your working height without the need for frequent stops and starts. With the iLevel option, users can enjoy up to 12 inches of power-adjustable seat elevation at a top speed of 3.5mph.

Further personalisation options cater to individual preferences with the Quantum Edge 3 Stretto power chair. Choices include the standard 12-inch drive wheels being upgraded for the 14-inch alternative and the choice of pneumatic or solid knobbly tyres – all the better for rough outdoor terrains. The Edge 3 Stretto power chair comes in 14 vibrant colours, which can be applied to the power base, seat fittings, and wheel centres.

Standard features for safety and convenience on the Quantum Stretto power chair include front and rear LED fender lights, allowing you to see and be seen. Additionally, the USB charging port allows you to power your other devices. The intelligent braking system captures energy to regenerate the batteries, while a disc brake secures the power chair when parked. There are also integral tie-down points on the power base for securing the power chair when in transit in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.



Drive Configuration Mid-wheel drive
Weight Capacity 21.6st (136 kg)
Turning Radius 21" (533 mm)
Length 32.5" (823 mm)
Width 20.47" (520mm) with 12.5" wheels
21.75" (552 mm) with 14" wheels
22.47" (571mm) / 23.75" (603mm) with knobby wheels
Ground clearance 2.9" (74 mm)
Max. Obstacle Climbing 3.5" (89 mm)
Max. Slope Rate 7.5° (13.2%)
Base Weight 57.33 kg
Castor wheels Front: 5" solid
Rear: 6" solid
Drive wheels 12.5" x 2.4" / 14" x 3" / 14" x 4" knobby - Pneumatic or Solid
Battery Size 2x 40 Ah / 2x 62 Ah
Speeds 4 mph (6.44 km/h) / 6 mph (10 km/h)
Motor Packages 2-Pole / Accu-Trac, Mid-wheel 6
Suspension System SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension)
Electronics NE+ / Q-Logic 3 / VR2 / R-Net
Seats Contour / TB-Flex / TB3 / TB4
Seat Width 10" - 20"
Seat Depth 10" - 20"
Powered Positioning Tilt / Recline / Lift / Legs
iLevel 12" lift @ 3.5mph
Standard Features USB charger port and front & rear LED fender lights
Crash Tested Yes
Colours 14 vibrant colour options


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In addition to its narrow width, the Edge 3 Stretto is equipped with independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), which offers increased shock absorption due to the angle of the shocks. Enjoy maximum obstacle climbing and increased overall comfort. With so many great features and benefits, the Stretto is truly a milestone for peadiatric power and the perfect choice!


  • SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension)
  • iLevel option available with up to 305 mm of seat elevation at walking speed (up to 7.2 km/h)
  • Fender lights and USB charger optional
  • Narrow 527 mm base width
  • Available with 2 x 62ah batteries for longer range

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Quantum Rehab powerchairs consist of a wide array of models, each incorporating various components to accommodate the comprehensive needs of individuals requiring a complex rehab product. The Edge 3 Stretto is one of the narrowest, most manoeuvrable power bases on the market! It is equipped with independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), and optional 305 mm of iLevel power-adjustable seat height.