Q-Logic 3

The Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Control System from Quantum Rehab is like no other power chair electronics system. Designed from clinician and consumer feedback, Q-Logic 3 is user-friendly and highly customisable. This adaptable, expandable control system can increase and maximise independence. Q-Logic 3 with Bluetooth and the infrared (IR) environmental controls enhance your independence.

What can I do with Q-Logic 3?

Maximise your independence
The Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Controls System for power wheelchairs is standard with Bluetooth, allowing you to program your Q-Logic 3 to operate your smart device if it is Bluetooth enabled.

The benefits
Use Q-Logic 3 Bluetooth programming to pair your power chair with a variety of devices. This allows you to operate your smartphone or tablet using your Q-Logic 3 screen.

  • Program a Bluetooth mouse to work on your Windows desktop
  • Apple, iPhone or iPad
  • Android phone or tablet

How it works
Use Q-Logic 3 to search for your smart device, and then enable Bluetooth on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Q-Logic 3 pairs with the device, allowing you to operate your device using the joystick on Q-Logic 3.


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  • Wireless Bluetooth programming through Windows devices
  • Bluetooth access to computer, tablet, and phone functions
  • iAccess programmable push button and toggle options for customized seating access
  • Simple firmware updates
  • Capable of utilizing multiple input devices
  • Preset drive settings
  • Preset color background options
  • Clinic Mode:
    • Quick setup of multiple input devices during client evaluations
    • Automatically assigned drive modes to input devices


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