Fusion E

MDR Class I (2017/745/EU) Medical Device

Rear-wheel drive with high functionality

The Fusion E is an affordable rear-wheel drive power wheelchair designed to offer exceptional performance and a smooth riding experience. With its innovative modular design and state-of-the-art technology, the Fusion E delivers unparalleled obstacle climbing capabilities, making it the perfect choice for users with active lifestyles.

One of the standout features of the Fusion E is its advanced suspension system, which ensures a comfortable and stable ride on various terrains. This enables users to navigate uneven surfaces, curbs, and ramps with ease, while maintaining optimal control and stability.

The versatile Fusion E power chair is also highly customisable, allowing users to tailor it to their specific needs and preferences. With a range of seat sizes, armrest options, and leg support configurations, users can create a truly personalised seating experience that maximises comfort and functionality.

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Drive Configuration Rear-wheel drive
Weight capacity 23st 6lbs (150 kg)
Turning radius 25.25" (642 mm)
Length 41.33" (1050 mm)
Width 24.8" (630 mm)
Ground clearance 3.14 (80 mm)
Max. Obstacle Climbing 3.9" (100 mm
Max. Slope Rate 6° (10.5%)
Base Weight 86 kg
Castor Wheels 10" - Solid or Pneumatic
Drive Wheels 14” x 3" - Solid or Pneumatic
Battery Size 2x 50 Ah
Speeds 4 mph (6.44 kmh) / 6 mph (9.65 kmh)
Motor Packages 2-Pole, Rear-wheel
Suspension System Independent Rear Suspension
Electronics VR2
Seats Fusion E
Seat Width 16" - 23"
Seat Depth 16" - 21"
Powered Positioning No
Seat Lift No
Crash Tested Yes


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  • Narrow 630 mm width and compact 1050 mm length
  • Outstanding tight space manoeuvrability
  • Available with 4 mph or 6 mph motor packages 
  • High-performance, high-efficiency motor package
  • Uniquely designed seating system is integrated with the base
  • Emark lighting package standard
  • Swing-away joystick


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