Sakina Shamsi: The Stretto is a batch made in heaven

Although living with spinal muscular atrophy type 2 has its challenges, Sakina lives as independently as she can, thanks to her Edge 3 Power chair with iLevel technology. Recently, her independence reached a whole different level when Sakina received the ultra-narrow Stretto Power Chair with iLevel.
“The narrow base of the Stretto Power Wheelchair opened a whole new world for me,” Sakina said. “I can navigate through tight corners and even fit inside the pantry.”

Using her power chair at home

Sakina loves baking, so the narrow width of the Stretto allows her to access the ingredients she needs from all areas of the kitchen. From cake pops to banana bread, Sakina loves trying new recipes and making sweet treats.

In addition to the Stretto’s narrow width, Sakina loves her Quantum backup camera. Now, she can see all around her, instead of guessing and hoping for the best when she backs up. Sakina can reverse her power chair into an elevator without assistance. The backup camera also helps her stay one step ahead of her younger brother.

Taking her power chair to school

In school, her Stretto manoeuvres through hallways and around desks easily. The positioning on her new power chair helps Sakina sit much straighter and the headrest ensures she doesn’t need a neck strap.

“I look so much straighter in my pictures and feel even more confident,” Sakina said.

Like any thirteen-year-old girl, Sakina has many hobbies and enjoys crafting, horseback riding and being outside in nature. She also loves spending time with her friends and going to the mall, when COVID-19 restrictions permit it.

“I know COVID-19 will never fully go away and that we still have to be careful and wear masks,” Sakina said. “Still, I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to normal and living my life as a teenager.”