True Forming Back Supports

True Forming Back Supports or TFB's are contoured back supports designed in a customisable rehab style.


Contour Depths Active: 2in (5.08cm)
Deep: 4in (10.16cm)
Flex Contour Depths Modular: 2in (5.08cm)
Active: 2 1/2in (6.35cm)
Deep: 6in (15.24cm)
Lateral pads available 3in (7.62cm) x 5in (12.70cm)
4in (10.16cm) x 6in (15.24cm)
5in (12.70cm) x 7in (17.78cm)
or custom


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True Forming Back (TFB) Contour:

Manufactured using a contoured shell design means it provides easy access for attaching hardware and secondary positioning accessories. Varying contour depths provides a more ergonomic fit and improved stability to end users.

A variety of modifications are available to configure this type of back rest to fully support your client’s needs.

Available in three (3): contour depths: Active, Deep and Extra Deep width. The ergonomic design utilises a curved top and lateral contour to provide trunk support, while also allowing room for scapulae, shoulders and arms to maintain mobility. The active and deep solid frames are contoured for thoracic lateral support, and the extra deep contour adds a static contour extension for even more solid thoracic lateral support.

multiple BTC mounting hardware, direct mounting cutout or Simple Solutions™ adapter plates for the PWCs options are available allowing for a wide array of application options.

True Forming Backrests (Flex)

True Forming Backrests (TFBF) are designed in a rehab style with a more ergonomic fit, providing more lateral thoracic support then traditional custom back supports.

The shell design provides a clean, easy to use platform to install attaching hardware and secondary positioning accessories. The shell also incorporates a central cut-out, providing kyphosis relief. Removable, flexible staves are inserted in the cover that can be moulded to the shape of the client to help support kyphotic posture.Each variation comes with predrilled headrest holes and slots along the outer edge for additional lateral support or mounting hardware. All cover options includes two (2) or more mouldable stabilisers that make this modification even more customisable to each specific end user.

True Forming Backrests (Linear)

True Forming backrests, (TFBL) come in either Rectangular (R-Back) or I-Style (I-Back) and can be ordered in either Full-Width (FW) or Between the Canes (BTC) versions.

The planar shell design provides a clean, easy to use platform to install attaching hardware and secondary positioning systems. A wide range of modifications are available to achieve your client-specific outcome.

Lateral can be set up easily thanks to the TFB slot system. Adjust height with high precision.


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