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Rear wheel drive with high functionality

The Pride® Fusion from the 'Jazzy Power Chair range' is a rear-wheel drive power chair, which delivers exceptional control, and is available with a maximum speed of up to 4 mph (6.5 km/h).  Available in configurations:

1. Power Tilt and Manual Recline
2. Power Tilt and Power Recline

The innovative, compact design of the Fusion makes it highly manoeuvrable in tight spaces without sacrificing traditional rear-wheel drive performance.

Crash Tested. Subject to configuration, further information available at point of order.

Available Colours


Ion Seating

Both configurations of the Fusion come a standard with the comfortable Ion seating system.

Rear Wheel Drive System

The Pride Fusions' rear wheel drive system provide great control even at fast speeds and offer excellent stability even on rough terrain.

Interchangeable Decal Panels

Personalise your Pride Fusion with 3 different colour decal sets.


Pride Fusion Specifications

Weight Capacity: 21 Stone (136 k.g)
Maximum Speed: 4mph (6 km/h)
Ground Clearance: 11 cm (4.5”)
Overall Length: 89 cm (35”)
Overall Width: 63.5 cm (25”)
Turning Radius: 53 cm (21”)
Tyres: Castors: 23 cm (9”) solid front
Drive: 35.5 cm (14”) pneumatic
Standard Controls: PG VR2 controller
Total weight without batteries: 74 kg (163 lbs.)
Seating: Tension-adjustable, sling back plus solid seat pan
Power Options: 1. Power Tilt and Manual Recline
2. Power Tilt Power Recline
Battery Requirements: Two 12-volt, deep cycle (standard)
Size: 2x 55 AH
Weight: 55 AH: 17 kg (37 lbs.) battery pack
  1. Varies with user weight, terrain type, battery amp-hour (AH), battery charge, battery condition and tyre condition.
  2. Due to manufacturing tolerances and continual product improvement, this specification can be subject to a variance of (+ or - 3%).
  3. Battery weight may vary based on manufacturer.

NOTE: All specifications subject to change without notice.

The information contained herein is correct at the time of publication; due to the manufacturer’s commitment to constant improvement and development, they reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Theoretical range is calculated under test conditions in accordance with European standards. Actual range in normal use will depend on many factors, including the condition of the vehicle and its batteries, the weight of the driver, correct tyre pressure, ambient temperature, and the gradient and surface of the road or pavement.


Pride Fusion
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